History of SuperSax New Mexico

"These guys are champions for tackling this complex and fleet and vital music. The sound of Supersax lives on! The sounds of SuperSax New Mexico does justice on the wing for
Med's old nonet for Bird."
--Mark Weber, Albuquerque Yacht Club, KUNM Jazz

While doing research in 2010 for a project, I came across a couple of vintage YouTube video of Med Flory's Supersax group. I owned several of their records in the past but had not thought about Supersax for many years. The music and the band amazed and excited me all over again. I wanted to play that music and knew that there were sax players in New Mexico that could perform those difficult charts. The band needed a brass soloist as was the format of the original band. Bobby Shew was living in New Mexico, I asked him and he became a vital part of SuperSax New Mexico.
The Supersax charts came from various sources. Arlen Asher had several that he had purchased in the '70s, at the beginning of the band's heyday, for $10 each. Also some scores came from the Library of Congress that Med had sent to them to archive many years ago. He knew that his arrangemnents of Charlie Parker's solos were a work of art based on another work of art. The deal he made with the LOC was that his permission was required to get copies. I wrote Med a letter and spoke with him on the phone and was able to get the music with his blessings. He said "Good Luck"! The remaining charts were purchased and given to the New Mexico saxes. I ordered the old school fronts to hold the music and provide a nostalgic look for the band. After several months of individual practice, we had our first rehearsal. Wow, the music came alive!
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Photo by Victoria Rogers of first rehearsal of SSNM held at the NM Jazz Workshop, Albuquerque