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From the get-go, SuperSax New Mexico got the attention of the press and inspired artistic graphics (above from The New Mexican's Weekly Magazine of Arts, Entertainment & Culture, "Pasatiempo", May 20-26, 2011, p27).


Itís such a wacky idea: orchestrating Charlie Parker solos. Look, hereís the guy who reinvented the jazz saxophone, playing with unthinkable speed and a sui generis rhythmic sense thatís near impossible to copy. And you want to orchestrate his solos, those soaring flights of ecstatic sound perfectly composed of a half-million notes? Good luck, pal.....

From an article by Mel Minter for the Alibi
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SuperSax gave an electrifying performance, complete with emphatic solos by Shew, Dalton, Reid, Kaluhiwa and Kostur, superior timekeeping by Haines and Glynn, and finger-busting ensemble work by the saxophones. In sum, a highly enjoyable performance, tempered only by the unhappy thought that a group this good canít find steadier employment.....

From the review of the December 1, 2011 Outpost concert in "All About Jazz" by Jack Bowers
(contributing writer)
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In the end, there was no doubt in anyoneís mind that SuperSax had lived up to its name, or that Hainesí idea was not only sound but greatly appreciated, as evidenced by the prolonged and enthusiastic standing ovation that crowned the second set. An encore performance in the offing? Let us hope so.....

From the review of the August 11, 2012 "Jazz Under the Stars" concert in "All About Jazz" by Jack Bowers (contributing writer)
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There are accomplished jazz players almost everywhere, including Albuquerque. In that city in the American southwest there is a band called SuperSax New Mexico. It specializes in arrangements of Charlie Parker solos recorded by the original Supersax, a Parker tribute band founded in Los Angeles 40 years ago by alto saxophonist Med Flory and bassist Buddy Clark.....

From an article in The Arts Journal "Rifftides" by Doug Ramsey
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SuperSax New Mexico is a wonderful combination of great tunes, high energy, and excellent musicianship. This group is a real crowd pleaser!

Maud Beenhouwer
Executive Director of the New Mexico Jazz Workshop


Photo by Jim Gale used as part of the 25th Anniversity Outpost calendar.



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